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How to get a proper M4M massage in Tokyo (2)

General characteristics of Japanese gay massage: service, price, how to...

It's been a while since I wrote the first entry of this series. Sorry if you were waiting this to come...

In this entry I would like to summarize general characteristics of a type of Japanese gay (M4M) massage services.
To begin with, I have to clarify that there are different types of "gay massage" in Japan, and their services are not exactly the same as in other countries, though I have to admit my personal experience is rather limited outside Japan.
Japanese gay massage services can be classified as follows:
  • A: massage parlor with several or many masseurs, most of them with outcall options 
  • B: independent massage parlor of one masseur (or two), sometimes with outcall options
  • C: independent masseur without fixed parlor
  • D: others and something in between the former types
Let me explain the type A first.
Gay massage parlors in Tokyo that employ several or many masseurs include Fuga, Embrace, Ylang Ylang or Viva Ueno, among others. Korean "Akasuri" (rubbing) parlors can be included here, too. Utatane was once similar to these but now it is a weird individual masseurs collective.
The price is basically a bit higher than independent masseurs and the typical price range should be around 12000-15000 yen for a 90 minute session (9000-10000 for 60) including a handjob happy ending. In some parlors the price gets higher if you want the masseur to be naked or in underwear. The typical outcall price is 1000 yen for central Tokyo, which I think is quite decent compared to what I saw in LA.
The most important feature of this kind of service is to pick up a boy/gent with whom you would like to have a light-ish physical contact: you choose tall or short, slim or muscular or chubby, twink or daddy, whatever, but DO NOT EXPECT EITHER A QUALITY MASSAGE OR A PROPER SEX. Well, I don't say it's impossible to find a good looking and super talented masseur who offers a hardcore fucking at the end of the session. It's possible, but it shouldn't be expected. Those boys are under more strict control than individual masseurs. I have sucked some juicy cocks or been sucked, and even though I have denied I have had some opportunities to fuck them or to be fucked. But that doesn't mean it always happens.

To get this service, you have to select your dream boy from the catalogue on their web site. It is not easy to choose one when they don't show face pics but some sites have brief description of each masseur like height, weight, hobby, sports, whether he smokes, sexual orientation, etc., only in Japanese. You choose the duration (I would say 90 min is perfect for the first try) and time/date, and decide incall or outcall. Even though most of the web sites are still only in Japanese, some staff speak English. Ask them.

If you decide to go to their place, usually they ask you to come to a certain place and call them or text them again to know the exact address. If the boy comes to your room, you just wait. Sometimes you pay first, sometimes at last. Sometimes they let you choose the aroma, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they try to have a brief conversation with tea served. Anyway, after whatever protocol, get naked and take a shower. Sometimes you are accompanied with the boy in the shower room. 90 % of the massage sessions start with your back. Don't forget to show your cock to the masseur when you lie down on your stomach (except it's too stiff to put downward). Some starts with shiatsu, some starts directly with oil. Some starts from your neck, some feet. Again, do not expect too much for the massage, though I assure you that the most unskillful massage can be better than a gay westerner masseur's so-called "massage" which means touching. On the other hand, I suppose an avarage thai gay masseur's skill would be better than an experienced Japanese masseur. So it's all relative. But I think Japanese gay massage level is decent. Perhapst it's too strong for a westerner so if you think so, just tell him. It takes about 60 minutes to finish the back side, but if your masseur is shitty, you feel like it's too long. When you choose 90 min, usually the last 30 minutes are reserved for the front side. Some continues proper massage (feet, legs, arms, stomach, décolleté, neck, or head...), some starts to stimulate your erogenous zones (nipples, inner thighs, etc.), some allows you to touch him, some not. Touch him if you think you are allowed to but remember that the consented service doesn't include oral or anal sex.

In this kind of parlors, the boys come and go, and their dedication and massage quality vary a lot. Fresh guys might be poor in massage, but veterans in the sex industry might have a tired and sad air. There are gays and straights. Find out the boy-type of each parlor (hunks, twinks, daddys, Koreans...) and decide which service you would like to try. Some massage services are mixed with and can be combined with "uri-sen" (M4M sex service) (like Embrace). One thing I find convenient in this kind of Japanese massage service is that you don't have to negotiate or text many masseurs individually. There are many parlors in Tokyo but still very good ones are less than 5. You can check their web sites at home and check price, pictures, etc. beforehand. It's not comparable to that tiresome labour of you looking for a masseur on Craiglist, masseur portals, or in a specialized sauna with intimidating prostitutes. Try one and let me know your experience!

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How to get a proper M4M massage in Tokyo (1)

I don't know how many foreigners who don't speak Japanese would want to get a gay or m4m massage here in Tokyo, or in Japan in general. (I use here the terms m4m and gay massage as synonyms). But seeing so many tourist these days on the streets, I am certain the potential demand is not small. In my opinion, all gay or bi-curious tourists who happen to love massage should experience Japanese gay massage, which is not what you think it is, especially if you are coming from Western countries. This and upcoming entries in English are an introduction to the wonderful world of Japanese gay massage for foreign people. (Tokyo gay massage guide)
I have never been to any m4m massage parlors in other Asian countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Hongkong etc. I know they are way cheaper than Japanese counterparts and some offer extraordinary experience.
Still, I think Japanese gay massages have such a variety and quite a decent quality that it should be competing internationally. The problem is that the people working in the sector has just started to notice the potential market of foreign customers, besides they don't speak foreign languages in general and some, sadly, show an admittedly racist or xenophobic attitude. I would like to contribute  to improve this situation and want the foreign tourist to experience the best gay massage in Tokyo and the best masseurs in Tokyo have a boost in their business.
Upcoming entries are...
1. General characteristics of Japanese gay massage: service, price, how to...
2. Recommended masseurs
3. Need help? 







Hi guys, this is a review blog of gay-oriented massage services around Tokyo. I just started this blog because I've been helped a lot by others' similar blogs. I'd like to contribute with as objective comments as possible so that when you want to have some nice massage service etc. you can go to the right place.

When there are several people working at one place, I will try to write about the system and service of the shops/salons but NOT about something only related to the personal quality of this specific staff attending me.

Attention: It is more than likely that the staff of most of the places I've been don't speak English at all. And, regrettably, it is also possible that they just don't attend you just because you're a foreigner, though the places I went and I liked (hopefully) aren't like that.

Thank you for coming to my blog. Hope you enjoy it.