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主に東京のゲイマッサージにいった感想ブログ。ガチムチよりはスリ筋、おじさんとガッツリセックスよりは若者と軽く。Tokyo gay massage review blog and guide (m4m)







Hi guys, this is a review blog of gay-oriented massage services around Tokyo. I just started this blog because I've been helped a lot by others' similar blogs. I'd like to contribute with as objective comments as possible so that when you want to have some nice massage service etc. you can go to the right place.

When there are several people working at one place, I will try to write about the system and service of the shops/salons but NOT about something only related to the personal quality of this specific staff attending me.

Attention: It is more than likely that the staff of most of the places I've been don't speak English at all. And, regrettably, it is also possible that they just don't attend you just because you're a foreigner, though the places I went and I liked (hopefully) aren't like that.

Thank you for coming to my blog. Hope you enjoy it.